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Tiwari Productions presents the message of positive thinking and human welfare with entertainment


Mumbai. CEO of ‘Tiwari Productions’ S K Tiwari, who is known as Tiwari Sarkar. Under the banner of his production house, three YouTube channels ‘Sanatan World’, ‘TPS Music’ and ‘Tiwari Productions’ entertainment channel have been running continuously for many years. All the YouTube channels of Tiwari Productions display the message of positive thinking and human welfare in a beautiful image with entertainment. Sanatan World YouTube channel is a devotional channel steeped in Sanatan Hindu religion, in which the knowledge written in the holy books related to Hindu religion like Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwat, Vedanga, Puranas etc. provides the essence of religion with entertainment through bhajans, description songs and aartis for all Sanatanis through songs and music.


TPS Music channel also produces and displays Bollywood songs, evergreen songs, Hindi or other regional language songs and music videos. In the third channel of Tiwari Productions, short films, feature films, film teasers and series made under the banner of Tiwari Productions are shown with family entertainment.


It is known that SK Tiwari (Tiwari Sarkar) is a very composed, intelligent, hardworking and down to earth person. He likes to work with his rules and principles, which gives him self satisfaction. Tiwari Sarkar believes in doing work and not in the desire for the result. During the shooting of his project, he takes care of the respect of the artists and his team members, he pays them on the spot an hour before the shooting ends. During the production of films, series or music videos, all the artists, technicians and other people associated with the production also consume pure satvik and vegetarian food. No artist or team member is allowed to drink or smoke during work and if this rule is broken, Tiwari Sarkar does not work with them further even if he has to bear a loss for it. Special care is also taken of the costumes that they should not be filmy but decent. The diligence with which Tiwari Sarkar is continuously working is highly commendable, because given the rules and conditions, if he was the CEO or chairperson of any other company, he would have surely given up.


Tiwari Productions will soon release the Hindi film Tiwari Sarkar, which is a big film in which Tiwari Sarkar i.e. SK Tiwari is in the lead role.


Tiwari Sarkar is firm on his principles, he does not work together with any other company because he does not want to compromise with his principles. He takes only as much workload as he is capable of. Tiwari Productions does not do any work by keeping his self-respect and self-esteem at stake, seeing his work, many OTT channels are offering him to work with them but he rejected this offer. Because he does not want any such scene to be included in his video which comes under the category of obscenity. His channel is working for the upliftment of national interest, human interest and Sanatan Hindu religion along with entertainment.


Tiwari Productions is the only production house whose all channels are not a means of earning money for them but a medium of public welfare and promotion of religion, in which they work only for the benefit of the nation and religion even incurring financial loss. The content of their channel is full of human civilization, dignity, customs and traditions, family oriented and devoid of obscenity. At present, such a storm of Western and Korean civilization has come which is misleading our young generation in the name of modernity. It is distancing us from each other from our culture, customs, traditions and especially family. Respect for elders, knowledge of Sanatan Hindu religion and the ancient civilization and heritage of our India are all going away. In such a Kaliyug time, Tiwari Productions stands firm with its principles. By connecting to all the channels of Tiwari Productions, we will be able to connect with many other information like our civilization, culture and Vedic knowledge.


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