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Dr. Morepen’s Revolutionary Intelicaps® Technology for Enhanced Probiotic Delivery, First time in India


New Delhi, India: Dr. Morepen is proud to present Intebact, a groundbreaking probiotic supplement designed to meet the health needs of the Indias Gut Health. Intebact leverages advanced Intelicaps® technology to deliver superior gut health benefits, promoting a healthier lifestyle for millions across the country, first time in India.

The Importance of Probiotics for Indian Health

Probiotics, commonly known as “good bacteria,” are essential for maintaining a healthy gut. They aid in digestion, helps enhance nutrient absorption, help in toxin removal and help strengthen the immune system. In India, where dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors can disrupt gut flora, the role of probiotics becomes even more critical. Also over use of antibiotics also destroys good bacteria.

Introducing Intebact: The Ultimate Probiotic Solution

Intebact stands out in the market due to its unique formulation and delivery system. Partnering with Vesale Pharma Belgium, Dr. Morepen brings to India the Intelicaps® technology, a patented micro-encapsulation process that ensures the probiotics remain viable and effective throughout their journey to the gut. This innovative process protects the probiotics from humidity, heat, gastric acid, and pancreatic juice, ensuring they reach the colon with full potency. This technology is unique and is also approved by SHIME Belgium, the only probiotic in India to have the same. Many probiotics in the country today are being prescribed by medical practitioners and also being sold over the counter platforms without any proof of how many reach the gut.

Key Benefits of Intebact:

– Enhanced Gut Health: Intebact delivers live probiotics to the Gut with high metabolic activity, ensuring maximum health benefits.

– Scientifically Documented Strains: Each strain in Intebact is backed by scientific research and proven efficacy and unlike many probiotics, it does not get destroyed in the stomach. Overall a much better probiotic choice for your Gut.

– Resistance to Gastric Acidity: The Intelicaps® encapsulation process protects the probiotics from gastric acids and bile salts, preserving their functionality until they reach the intestines.

– Targeted Health Areas: Intebact focuses on digestive health, women’s health, and immunity, with more specific products scheduled for launch.

– Flexible Formulations: Available in various forms such as capsules, sachets, powders, and tablets, Intebact caters to all family members, including pregnant women.


A Health Revolution with Intebact

Dr. Morepen’s exclusive tie-up with Vesale Pharma introduces the world’s first Intelicaps® technology to India, promising a probiotic supplement that is 1000 times more concentrated in live microbes at the colon site compared to other formulations. This makes Intebact the most efficacious probiotic available in the market today.

About Dr. Morepen

Dr. Morepen is committed to enhancing health and well-being through innovative healthcare solutions. With a legacy of trust and excellence, Dr. Morepen continues to bring world-class health products to Indian consumers.

For more information about Intebact and to join the probiotic revolution, visit
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Nitika Saini | Corporate Communications Manager | 9818533004


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